March 6, 2015

Social Media Marketing


Social media sites have quickly become an easily accessible platform for businesses to promote their products and services and build brand awareness. Having well designed and actively used Social Media accounts / pages not only help to create and grow a target audience, but if linked to your website these accounts can also help to increase your sites visibility online.

Additionally, Social media serves as a relatively inexpensive staging post from which organisations can implement effective digital marketing campaigns designed to bring in more leads and propagate growth.  Think of social media as the new ‘word of mouth’. Whereas someone might have overheard you talking to a friend about your business in the pub in years gone past, nowadays what you or your friends / followers say on social media can often lead to enquiries from strangers from outside of your immediate social circle.

As part of our Social Media Marketing plans we strive to attract attention to your business and encourage readers to share your content within their own social networks – therefore dramatically expanding your reach. Content Marketing such as this usually resonates extremely well because it appears to come from a trusted, third-party source, as opposed to coming directly from you or your company. This means the content is less ‘salesy’ and seen more by way of a recommendation or endorsement. Social Media marketing can also be extremely effective in terms of targeting the types of clients you particularly want to work with. Campaigns can be created to track conversational Keywords and display your Social Media messages based on this, which in turn should lead to enquires for the key things you want to sell or promote.


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