November 21, 2014

Website Design


It might surprise you to know that with a web site you have less than 10 seconds to capture the attention of your visitors before they leave.  In other words, you will never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make every interaction count.

Your objective then in 60 seconds should be to get your visitors to interact with your website; To either pick up the phone, make a purchase or leave their details so that you can contact them. In short you have to deliver your pitch quickly but in a way that engages your visitors. You must give your prospects a compelling reason for them to buy your products or services (a Call to action), over those of your competitors.

At Marketing For You we can definitely help you make the right impression and help you implement a strategy to convert your prospects into paying customers.

Our design team will create for you a website that is crafted and built to your specification but with your target audience in mind, setting the right scene for you to deliver your message (which we can also devise for you if you need us to).

In short, we can create the Call to action for your site (your compelling reason for visitors to call you) by devising for you some great copy (the words you use to tell the story of your business) and we will dress this with a theme (images and logos that reflect what you do in a powerful and engaging way) that makes your business look and feel like the place your potential new clients want to do business.


Call us for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation, to see exactly how we can help you to with Website Design and development.



site design

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