March 6, 2015

Outbound Marketing


Both Email and Telephone (outbound) marketing are a form of sales activity where a commercial message is communicated to prospects either by sending them an engaging / compelling email (with a suitable call to action) or via a structured call from a trained sale professionals to promote / discuss your business offering. Outbound Marketing is typically a successful, direct marketing tool for small businesses that often leads to immediate results.

This all sounds relatively straight forward right ? Truth is, getting the desired results is not as simple as you may think. Emails nowadays are filtered to protect organisations from Spam. And even if your mail does land in a chosen recipients inbox, there is no guarantee that the message will be read / responded to. Similarly, most all organisations are bombarded with sales calls on the phone. This has the same effect as Spam, and so typically results in the calls abrupt end.

Our team are trained in modern, outbound marketing principles with a track record in generating results. Nine out of ten UK adults send or receive emails / receive sales calls and your potential customers expect to receive offers from prospective suppliers every day. We can help you get better results though testing, refining and repeating your pitches on the phone or by email.

We run campaigns targeting either your own client database or targeted data that we own (where we have suitable data). If you don’t have the clients to contact and we don’t possess suitable data, we can obtain leads at a sensible and affordable price point for you.

For email campaigns we monitor who has or hasn’t read our outbound emails and from this we will create an analysis of your prospect data (showing strong prospects and quantified leads through to managing the less than responsive people within pipeline).

Our Tele Marketing team will do likewise, calling to speak with only key decision makers about your offering. Our team are tenacious and persistent (although not overly / so as to cause offence) and with hard work and an enthusiastic approach to pitching your business, we will get you the results you want. We strive to make Outbound Marketing as painless for you as is possible by taking ownership of the whole process for you.

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